Videos, pictures and presentations are online!

So, Plugg 2009 is a wrap.

To all who have attended, thank you for being there and for all the feedback that was sent our way. Nearly all of it was positive but we can always learn from the negative as well so kudos to everyone, and don't be afraid to get in touch with us by e-mail or simply in comments to let us know your thoughts as well. Whether you've attended or not, we want to share all the material from the conference with you.

If you would like to watch the videos recorded at the event, you can check our Vimeo channel or go to this page for an embeddable widget containing all videos. The pictures are up on Flickr as well, and you can find an embedded slideshow on a special page as well.

We've even put all the presentations on a virtual fileserver powered by NomaDesk, so if you're interested in downloading that material to your computer, you can install their free software suite and it will enable you to synch a folder on your desktop that contains all the slidedecks in the format that it was delivered in. The fileserver also contains the videos for the 10-minute pitches delivered by the 3 finalists: Jinni, Mendeley (the winner) and Myngle (winner of the audience's choice award).

You need to sign up for an invitation to the fileserver, and if you do this before the end of the month you can also win one of the NomaDesk USB modems that will be distributed to 10 randomly selected winners.

Here's how:

- Go to this sign-up page

- leave your details and click on the link in your invitation e-mail

- Create a NomaDesk account, download and install NomaDesk

- Select "I was invited to join this Fileserver"

- NomaDesk will then create a Plugg2009-Public drive on your local computer

- Allow NomaDesk to sync and access the files on the Plugg2009-Public drive

If there's anything, let us know asap!



re: Videos, pictures and presentations are online!

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