These are the 20 finalists for Plugg's Start-Ups Rally

As you may have read in a previous blog post, we got an enormous amount of startups submitting their profile this year in order to be up for selection for the Startups Rally, with no less than 126 companies from all over Europe vying for a vote of confidence of this year's professional jury.

We're now finally ready to announce the 20 finalists that will be pitching at the event, after we got confirmation of their attendance. They're all pretty excited, and so are we!

Here's the list of the 20 nominees that will be presenting at Plugg (in alphabetical order):

ApSynth (Calcul Plus) from France -

BeeBole from Belgium - 

Bubok from Spain -

Burt from Sweden -

ContextIn from Israel -

Desktop Reporting from Belgium -

DPIvision (CannyBill) from the UK -

Hammerkit from Finland -

iOpus (AlertFox) from Germany -

Jinni from Israel -

Mendeley from the UK -

Myngle from The Netherlands -

Nulaz from The Netherlands -

Plista from Germany -

SenseBoard from Sweden -

Silentale from France -

Snagsta from the UK –

SofaTutor from Germany -

Tailgate Technologies from the UK -

VinoGusto from Belgium -

We wish them all the best of luck and a good time preparing for the event.

Over the weekend, we will update the list of presenting startups and compile a list along with logos and short summaries of their business, so keep checking back!

If you want to see these startups present their wares at Plugg, register now while you can still catch tickets at the discounted early bird fee!

Here's the official press release if you're interested.


jan vandamme

re: These are the 20 finalists for Plugg's Start-Ups Rally

By jan vandamme 23/11/14 (5 years ago)

Easy win. Only competitor is VinoGusto. And Vinogusto is giving my favorite wine only 2 stars...

Mendeley rocks, can not wait for corprate edition.
Mendeley could beat refworks.


re: These are the 20 finalists for Plugg's Start-Ups Rally

By azsk 23/11/14 (4 years ago)

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