Latest confirmed speakers

We've been adding a couple of speakers lately, and we want to make sure you're aware. These were the latest additions to our speaker roster:

- Ashu Mathura from mobile advertising company MADS, a highly experienced entrepreneur, will share his views on the vision of the mobile ad market.

- Dries Buytaert, the original creator of Drupal and co-founder of both Acquia (based in the U.S.) and Mollom (based in Belgium), will share his experience on the difference in conducting web business and raising venture capital in America as opposed to Europe.

- Joining the VC panel is Sake Bosch, founder & managing partner at Prime Technology Ventures

Some of our sponsors will also deliver a short keynote, and the speakers they've delegated are top notch:

- Rudy De Waele from dotopen / Mobile Monday Barcelona / Mobile 2.0 Europe

- Dr. M. Claire Van de Velde from IBBT

- Jo Caudron from ONE Agency (one of Arkafund's investments)

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Shout-out To Our Sponsors

If you've visited this site in the past, you've noticed our awesome list of sponsors in the sidebar (hop on over, RSS readers) but we wanted to give special thanks to them in advance for making Plugg possible at all:

So huge kudos to Sun Microsystems, Arkafund, Amazon Web Services, Gimv, IBBT and Netlash for joining us as Gold sponsors, and thanks to Big Bang Ventures, Voxbone, Oxynade, Netlog, 3Scale, Cruyplants Eloy Wagemans, dotopen and Arjuna for becoming a Silver sponsor.

We heart you!

These are the 20 finalists for Plugg's Start-Ups Rally

As you may have read in a previous blog post, we got an enormous amount of startups submitting their profile this year in order to be up for selection for the Startups Rally, with no less than 126 companies from all over Europe vying for a vote of confidence of this year's professional jury.

We're now finally ready to announce the 20 finalists that will be pitching at the event, after we got confirmation of their attendance. They're all pretty excited, and so are we!

Here's the list of the 20 nominees that will be presenting at Plugg (in alphabetical order):

ApSynth (Calcul Plus) from France -

BeeBole from Belgium - 

Bubok from Spain -

Burt from Sweden -

ContextIn from Israel -

Desktop Reporting from Belgium -

DPIvision (CannyBill) from the UK -

Hammerkit from Finland -

iOpus (AlertFox) from Germany -

Jinni from Israel -

Mendeley from the UK -

Myngle from The Netherlands -

Nulaz from The Netherlands -

Plista from Germany -

SenseBoard from Sweden -

Silentale from France -

Snagsta from the UK –

SofaTutor from Germany -

Tailgate Technologies from the UK -

VinoGusto from Belgium -

We wish them all the best of luck and a good time preparing for the event.

Over the weekend, we will update the list of presenting startups and compile a list along with logos and short summaries of their business, so keep checking back!

If you want to see these startups present their wares at Plugg, register now while you can still catch tickets at the discounted early bird fee!

Here's the official press release if you're interested.

Update: Pat Phelan not speaking, Ashu Mathura replacing

Circumstances have forced Pat Phelan, founder and President of Cubic Telecom and MAXroam, to cancel his speaking engagement for Plugg 2009. We'll try to get him back for next year to share his unique view on the mobile industry another time!

We have a very worthy replacement with Ashu Mathura, founder & CEO of MADS, Europe’s leading mobile advertising network and marketing technology provider. He'll be talking about mobile advertising as it stands now, the technology, trends in the market, targeting and his vision of where he believes it will be in the future.

We're honored to have Ashu as a keynote speaker and we're sure you'll enjoy his talk too!

Early bird fee expires next Saturday!

A quick note to let you know we're letting the early bird fee offer expire next Saturday 28 February 2009, so if you want to register for Plugg at a significant discount (€380) before we switch to the standard entrance fee of €450, now is the time.

Register here!

Please help us spread the word about the conference so people can still enjoy the discounted price!

Draft schedule posted

We're fashionably late, but we've posted the draft schedule online late last week and wanted to give you heads up about what you can expect at the conference, now less than 3 weeks away (have you registered yet?).

Of course, you already knew who the speakers were, but we were and are still adding some, so keep following this blog to learn more about that soon. The program won't change all that much, so if you were holding out on registering for the event until you knew what to expect, the currently posted draft day schedule won't be far off.

Plugg Startups Rally 2009: 126 companies to rate

We're absolutely delighted that so many European startups decided to pursue a spot in the pitching competition at Plugg; we've reached the incredible amount of 126 submissions in just 3 weeks, which is totally awesome.

The jury is currently hard at work jointly determining which 20 startups they wanna hear more from at the conference because they believe in the potential of the idea and the team.

We expect to be able to announce the finalists next Friday or over the weekend at the latest.

By the way, you should register for the event now (the early bird fee of 380€ still applies)!

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