What is Plugg?

Plugg is a one-day conference with a clear focus on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and raising global awareness for those European start-ups in the Web / Mobile 2.0 field that stand out in the crop.

Plugg aims to provide a hands-on view on what's happening in Europe, what the continent's (dis)advantages are compared to other regions and what the future will hold for its digital industry.

In combination with an impressive list of speakers - one by one visionaries and/or field experts from a variety of industries and all with ties to Europe -, there will be a place for 20 promising start-ups to showcase their business ideas and realizations. Plugg wants to provide a launch platform for these emerging European technology, mobile and enterprise start-ups and place them in front of a professional audience tied to the technology, media and venture capital industry.

Visit the list of speakers to get an idea of what to expect, or check out the website of last year's edition for videos and presentation slidedecks.

Where does the name 'Plugg' come from?

Various angles apply, as Wikipedia will teach you: of course there's the link with electronics and technology, but there's more. In horticulture, plugs are small-sized seedlings grown in trays which are often used for commercially raising vegetables and bedding plants. Then there's product plugsplugins, 'plug and play' and the etymological origin. Oh, and the .eu domain name was still available.

Who organizes Plugg?

Plugg is a grassroots organization ventured by internet entrepreneur, blogger and allround web enthusiast Robin Wauters.

Robin writes for TechCrunch and Virtualization.com, and is a partner of online event management startup Oxynade and social media advisory firm Talking Heads. He also organizes the monthly OpenCoffee Club Brussels meetups and regularly attends events across Europe.

Plugg is co-organized by Veronique Pochet from Odience, a seasoned event marketing professional with plenty of hands-on experience in organizing large conferences,events, seminars, (3M, Heinz, VNU Business Publications, Roularta, ...)

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